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Live your full potential.

Do you feel that you’ve lost direction in your life? Do you feel angry that you’ve been living behind someone else’s shadow? And now you don’t know who you are anymore?

Are you living in fear? Not having the confidence to go where you need or want to go? And not knowing who to turn to? Do you feel that you’re not able to ask for help?

Are you feeling sad because you feel unworthy? Are you afraid of what tomorrow might hold? Uncertain about your future?

Are you suffering in silence? Afraid of being seen? Playing small by hiding your true self and what you are capable of?

Do you feel shut off from the world? Alone, and that no one understands you?

And how is this affecting your life, and the people around you? Is your health impacted by what you’re going through every day? How are your relationships with your loved ones being affected by these uncertainties?

Faizey Smiling

For years, I wanted to live like everyone else because that’s what I thought other people expected of me.

I was trying so hard to live up to everyone else’s expectations, I realised I was still not happy.

I wasn’t helping anybody! Because it just wasn’t me.

It was like I was living someone else’s life.

It felt fake, false and sad!

Here I was trying to find happiness for everyone else, but

in truth, I was sad and depressed.

I felt I couldn’t ask anyone for help. I was hiding my true feelings from the world, and from my loved ones.

Putting on a mask of “Everything’s ok!” when in fact, it wasn’t.

I even started hiding behind food.


One day, my heart called out to me!

Feeling sad and exhausted, I asked myself:

“What am I doing this for?”

“What’s the purpose of me being here?”

“What gives meaning to my life?”

“What’s next in my life? Is this it?”

I couldn’t answer these questions.

But I knew deep down inside that there had to be a better way.


Then, I discovered transformation coaching and Matrix Therapies – coaching tools and processes that helped me reconnect within, to find out what had been holding me back, to clear blockages in my unconscious mind… and work out what inspires me now, and for the future.

Today, I help others do this for themselves. So they too can

live a true and fulfilling life.

Faizey Greaves, Transform Your Life – Coaching

Client Testimonials 

The situation was that I had a lot of limiting beliefs which stopped me from progressing. I was basically self-sabotaging. I had also undergone a lot of trauma. I talked to Faizey and she decided to do some healing . She basically helped me remove all the limiting beliefs and also understand and forget the trauma that I had gone through. She was very understanding and was very good at listening to me. She offered valuable advice which proved to be a game-changer for me. With her help I have now firmly decided to change and transform myself. I am feeling much better and am feeling happy. All thanks to Faizey. I strongly recommend Faizey. She is excellent at what she does.
Bashkar V
Bhaskar V
OMG . Had a free consultation and just had 1st and 2nd sessions with Faizey. Absolutely beautiful soul who makes you feel comfortable and safe to discuss anything. Normally I'm medically based and sceptical about alternative therapies, but I can't recommend this woman highly enough. She can help with past trauma, present stresses and give you a magical calmness. Looking forward to my future sessions with her and the positive differences she is making to my life. Thankyou Faizey Greaves ❤
Cindy McLaughlan
Cindy Mclauchlan
I have had a number of sessions with Faizey to help me address certain aspects in my life that weren’t working for me. Faizey is a very special woman & coach. I required a lot of patience from her & gentleness to help me move through a lot of resistance that I had. Faizey was extremely compassionate & accepting of where I was at & was able to guide me in such a beautiful & safe way that allowed me to open up to the processes that she facilitated. Faizey is so passionate & enthusiastic about supporting others in living into their potential & delivers her sessions with such kindness & understanding that encourages necessary changes to take place. I am very grateful to Faizey for her gifts to support me in this time of my life. You are such a treasure to fellow humans Faizey!
Ivetta Lott
Faizey is a genuinely understanding and caring person who has helped me take control of my thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and to find more positive ways of dealing with life’s obstacles. Faizey continues to help me be a more productive person, on a personal and business level. I would highly recommend you contact Faizey to see what she can do for you!
Debbie Willis
Deb Willis
Faizey Greaves is an amazing Mentor and Coach that over the last 12 months has played a major part in helping me transform my life. She has guided me through releasing old outdated programming that was no longer serving me, and helped me pinpoint my passions and purpose in life. I am always in awe of how she provides a safe place and a kind ear to any issue I am currently having. She has earned my trust and respect for the wisdom she shares with me.
Michelle Temple Forrest

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